Come for a really hands on experience in the garden! We’ll be tucking into some veggie delights cooked by Mary, our resident chef. Mary is full of creative ways to cook up our wonderful ingredients and will happily show you how she prepares the veggies, or you can just enjoy the serenity of the garden and relax. You’ll have a chance to harvest some veg and herbs to take home with you as well.

Each dinner features a “veg of honour” and we’ll make this vegetable the star of the show, telling you a little bit about how it came from its history of growing in the wild to being part of the kitchen gardens of today. Often our veggies today look and taste totally different to their predecessors and it’s fascinating to learn how they evolved.

Once we’ve cooked we’ll sit down to eat, either around the campfire, or under the shelter of one of our polytunnels, depending on the weather! Unless otherwise specified, our meals are vegetarian (and more often than not, vegan too).