Since the days of Paul’s first veg growing business here, we have always chatted to our customers about what they would like us to grow and how much of it they can use so we run what you might call a bespoke veg growing service.

We  have some old favourites such as Winter and Summer Squashes, Rainbow Chard, Speciality Kales, Culinary Herbs such as Parsley, Basil and Rosemary, various Salad Leaves, Tomatoes and Garlic as well as more unusual things. We feed thousands of people each year with the vegetables that go out in regular deliveries to our customers. They are picked fresh for each delivery and packed in bio-degradable bags and boxes.

Since the Eco Gardens began, we have grown wonderful new plants each year. More exotic things like Cucamelons, Grapes and Cape Gooseberries have space in the polytunnels and we have an interesting range of edible perennial greens, fruits and flowers which now have homes along our banks, field and hedgerow. There is Burnet and Yarrow, juicy Rosa Rugosa, Primroses and we are even putting in some Rapunculus this year- the plant that gave Rapunzel her name in the famous Fairy Tale. With the Events and Sessions that we run, our visitors can help us forage for food from tunnels, banks, fields and hedgerows for our Feasts here and to take home for their own Kitchen Tables.