Our motto is “Green Ways to Grow”, because we grow our veg ecologically and because we are helping people to learn about being “green” too.

We use organic treatments and the cycles of nature; our own compost rotted from waste veg, chicken poo to activate it, nettle and comfrey compost teas to add those nutrients – it’s smelly but effective!

We give food and homes to birds and insects and other wildlife, who, in return, help us keep the pests down. Hedgehogs, for example, love eating slugs which is very useful to us as veg growers!

We grow hedges and coppices as wildlife habitat, for fuel and crafts but also because the trees capture carbon from the air. Some of our trees and bushes such as alder and broom even capture nitrogen from the air to make the soil more fertile naturally.

Another important part of being ecological is keeping our supply local and our deliveries streamlined so we’re keeping those food miles down.

Our visitors come from all walks of life and are invited to enjoy our Green Space for Creativity and Well-being, finding simple ways of growing “greener” in their lifestyles.