Our Eco Gardens is a green space for learning, growing, well being and creativity.

We grow a wide range of edible & useful plants. This is at the core of what we do because that is how nature does things and from this everything else follows. From a wide range of edibles we get a wide range of tastes, nutrition and foody possibilities. We can supply our customers with interesting veg and have wild and wonderful cook-ups for our Events and Sessions.

From a wide range of all kinds of plants, we also get a diversity of wildlife and this helps nature and ourselves. We can learn more when we see all the food webs and relationships that come from the plants and wildlife, and it also helps our wellbeing as a natural environment is a relaxing and healthy place to be.

The different plants can also give us all sorts of possibilities for creative arts and crafts from plant pigments and willow weaving to stories about specific plants that grow in the gardens.

Of course, humans need some home comforts alongside their outdoor experiences so with our Firepit, Pizza Hut, Chill Tunnel and various other shelters in progress, we have places to retreat, warm up and cook together.

When people feel well and inspired by nature, they can also feel creative so creativity is at the core of what we do- whether its drawing a picture with leaves and petals, making and decorating a birdbox, weaving willow, playing music or sharing stories, we offer Creative Activities in our Sessions and Events.