Paul is our Head Grower and Eco-Garden Manager. He has been growing veg ecologically and teaching people about it, in his own gentle style, for 20 years. He has trained in Organic Gardening, Permaculture, Adult Education, Conservation, Art and Social Care.

Laura is our Session Manager and Administrator. She is a Play-Worker, Forest School Leader and Storyteller, specializing in Stories for Education. She loves to inspire people about the natural world and keeps the office and deliveries running too!

Mary is our Eco-Garden Deputy and Fundraising Manager. She is a green fingered Gardener, Music Graduate and a great Chef, full of good ideas for how to cook up and prepare veg. She brings music and humour to the Learning Sessions and to daily life at the Eco-Gardens.

Ginger and Pepper, the Rhode Island Red chickens are also senior (they must be over 10 now) and still going strong! Though their eggs are few they can eat up waste and give us other offerings which are great to put on the compost or round the trees. Besides this, they are also great company for our visitors with their reassuring clucks.

Birds, Bees, Bugs (and other buddies!) – We have many different species here and they all play a part. One year the Kale was being eaten by newly hatched caterpillars, in came our team of sparrows and wiped out the crop destroyers in a few hours. With their relaxing songs too, we couldn’t do it without our birds! Minibeasts of the crawly and creepy variety are all over the place here and the Mullein caterpillar in particular is a welcome resident as there are too few of these in the hedgerows these days. Of course we get the invaders such as aphids, but we get Bug Eric too, he eats even more aphids than the Ladybirds! There are micro-organisms in the soil that keep it healthy. These bugs might only be visible under a micro-scope but we look after these too. Hedgehogs, Toads and Bats are other volunteers that we make welcome with habitat boxes and a new pond on its way. Between them they can help keep the slugs and moths at bay.