In 2005 Paul set up his self-employed veg growing business here just outside the village of Newlyn East. It seemed natural to name his business after the local Saint, St Newlina. Legend says she planted her staff in the ground on the hill, it sprouted leaves and grew into a fig tree. There is still a Fig Tree growing out of the Church Wall up the hill and we have one growing in our bank here too in her honour.

Over the following 10 years, Paul built a reputation with local customers for growing high quality, bespoke vegetables and for his skills in training and inspiring volunteers and apprentices who came to work here.

In 2015, we founded Newlina Eco-Gardens as a Social Enterprise. Naturally, we took on Newlina’s name and we carried on growing lush food too, but we also opened up our activities to Learning Sessions and creating a Green Space dedicated to Well-Being. It’s still work in progress but through goodwill and resourcefulness, the Eco-Gardens is becoming a wonderful setting for people from many different backgrounds to come and chill out, be creative and learn how to grow in green ways.