At Newlina Eco-Gardens we are creating a beautiful and productive garden full of edible and useful plants because we believe it is important to find all the ways we can, to grow our food and resources ecologically and to encourage other Eco-Gardeners too. We also believe it is vital for our well-being to spend time in the outdoors, so we are creating facilities for people to come and visit more as the Gardens grow and expand.

Our Gardens already have little woodland areas, hedges and meadows to explore, alongside our poly-tunnels which are full of delicious and unusual vegetables and salads such as Claytonia, Edible Chrysanthemum and Red Sorrel. At our Wild Garden Group, at Events and Courses, visitors can see how we use Alder and Comfrey to fertilize the ground in different ways; how we sow out and care for our edibles, how our Wild Garlic, Wild Carrot, Fruit bushes and Edible Chestnuts like to grow; Why nettles are really useful; What creatures have moved in, finding habitat amongst the plants and how all the plants and animals live within Eco-systems, benefitting one another.

Newlina Laura Salmon and Paul Salmon

From do-it-yourself fertilizers, to willow craft or yummy salads- the possibilities these amazing plants have to offer us humans are endless!

4 Ball GamesWe see the Eco-gardens growing up with Wild Gardens full of hiding places and spaces for people to play and more edible and useful plants growing everywhere you look!

1 Caribou6 Pizza OvenThe Outdoor Kitchen will mean we can have more cook-ups for our visitors. We can forage for edibles, share recipes, pop a locally grown pizza in the Earth Oven and then sit around the fire and chat, listen to some acoustic music, stories or just bird song.

5 Musicians

We offer Eco-sessions to Schools, Holiday Parks and other venues too because it’s good to get out and about. Here’s the Young Explorers Club at The Park, Mawgan Porth.
All Seasons Story-makers are an Environmental Arts Project linked to Newlina Eco-Gardens. They run interactive workshops based on folk-lore which touch on themes of Nature, Rural Life and the turning of the Seasons. Here we are during Penryn Arts Festival running a Story-walk through Glasney Woods.
Please visit our blog for pictures and writings about what we do from Edible Flowers to Story-walks to Comfrey Compost Tea…