Outside Story #4

At Newlina Eco-Gardens this week our edible Chinese chrysanthemum plants are going into flower in the poly-tunnels like many little bright yellow and white suns. Outside they would not usually flower until July but of course everything is much earlier in the poly-tunnels. Also called Chop-suey greens, the leaves...
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Outside Story #3

Newlina-Eco Gardens Tuscan Kale in Polytunnels
At Newlina Eco-Gardens we grow salads, vegetables and herbs for the Cornish Food Box Company mainly in Poly-tunnels. As a Social Enterprise we are reaching out to inspire people about eco-logical gardening and our natural environment and are now creating a wild garden on our site in a one...
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Outside Story #2

As Newlina Produce we have supplied the Cornish Food Box Company with salads, herbs and vegetables since 2011. Recently we have become a Social Enterprise called Newlina Eco-Gardens. Over the years we have always tried to grow and package our produce eco-logically and the Social Enterprise is about sharing...
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Sweet Cornish Rain

Newlina Eco Gardens
At Newlina Eco-Gardens we are growing eco-logically, supplying fresh salads, herbs and speciality vegetables to the Cornish Food Box Company. We have nearly an acre of poly-tunnels where the plants are watered with water-saving drip lines. These have been on almost constantly with the hot sun making the leaves...
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The story of St. Newlina

St Newlina
Last Friday Laura, our Eco-Education person, told the story of St Newlina, to inspire the pre-schoolers of St Newlyn East about growing food eco-logically. Read on to read the version of the story she told with them- you can probably work out where the actions and sound effects go...
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Outside Story #1

You will know us through the Cornish Food Box Company  as Newlina Produce,  providing  you  with  salad and stir fry bags, rainbow chard and kales among other things.  Recently  we changed our name to Eco-Gardens and we thought you might like to read about some of our experiences as...
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