Custom Starch Biodegradable Bags


At Newlina Eco-Gardens we often use plastic bags to maintain the freshness of our produce. This means there is less waste from droopy salad or vegetables which saves waste but also this comes at an environmental cost. We have looking at sources of eco-logical plastic bags, made from natural substances which will break down more readily than plastic and treated card.

Recently we have had some batches of bags made especially for us, through Carter’s Packaging, with plant starch. Now all our Stir Fry and salad bags supplied to the Cornish Food Box Company are made of plant starch.

It is work in progress to see how well these bags break down in our compost heaps or in landfill. The theory of its eco-logical cycle is in the illustration attached.

We believe from what we have researched that at least the bags will break down to inert substances within 18 months.  A dry and hot composter should do the job but even in landfill they will certainly break down quicker than the 100 years it would take a petroleum-based plastic bag to even begin to break down!

Please let us know what results you see over time if you compost our bags or anything you have to say about this important issue about our food.


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