Outside Story #2


As Newlina Produce we have supplied the Cornish Food Box Company with salads, herbs and vegetables since 2011. Recently we have become a Social Enterprise called Newlina Eco-Gardens. Over the years we have always tried to grow and package our produce eco-logically and the Social Enterprise is about sharing some of our experiences of eco-gardening and also to learn from other people’s ideas and experiences.
We have a storytelling group called ” All Seasons Story-makers”, to inspire people about nature with stories, alongside eco- workshops. Obviously part of Eco-Gardening is encouraging pollinators. Up to now we have done this by planting forage flowers and being safe with plant treatments but recently we have created Bee Houses for wild solitary bees who are much smaller than honey and bumble bees but so important to our eco-systems. On May day we ran a wild-bee habitat creation workshop for the Glasney Green Space Regeneration Project and told a story called “The Queen Bee”, from the collection of the Brothers Grimm.
The hero of the story is Simpleton. His elder brothers call him simple because he is always wandering about, wondering at nature. They go out to seek their fortune having many adventures on the way. They find a bee nest- and the brothers wish to smoke out the bees and pull down the nest with a stick, getting all the honey and destroying the nest. The Queen Bee comes out and dances for Simpleton. He stops his brothers and they make fun of him, but later in the story the brothers find that it was worth saving the bees as the Queen bee comes to the rescue when they are in trouble.
These stories come from the Oral Tradition of our European, forest-dwelling cousins. They are about a time when people lived closely with nature.
To hear the rest of this story and other green tales you could join All Seasons Story-makers on a Story-walk through the beautiful Glasney Valley this Saturday, 23rd of May as part of Penryn Arts Festival. Meet at 12.30pm at the Collegiate Field, Penryn.


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