Anyone for comfrey Tea? The Soil food that kicks up a stink!


At Newlina Eco-Gardens we grow many plants other than the vegetables we sell. We have many wild and hedgerow plants such as hawthorn, blackthorn raspberries and blackberries which give great food and habitat for birds and insects but we also grow some plants to use as food for our soil. We now have a healthy comfrey patch and have kept a patch of it for the bees who seem to gather plenty of food from the little pink bell flowers.

We did recently harvest some of its furry leaves to brew up some comfrey tea- not for us but for the plants to drink.

We cut the leaves up and put them to brew in some water in a covered composting bucket, cramming lots of leaves in so it became really concentrated.

Over a few weeks we stirred it every now and then, until the plant fibres broke down into a stinking goo.

That’s when we knew it had reached its prime- when the comfrey tea really stank!

Then we took out the liquid, diluted it in some watering cans and poured it on where it was most needed. The whole gardens smelt pretty strongly, the day the comfrey tea was poured!!!

The tea is high in potassium so it’s good for fruiting crops. One of our staff has been nurturing a pet cucumber plant, called George, here in the corner of our hottest tunnel.

George had begun to look a bit sad but after a good dose of stinky comfrey tea he began producing more flowers which have since given us some juicy cucumbers.

The effects were immediate.

The tea was poured on the compost heap too to get those good bacteria growing, breaking down the plant matter and converting it into healthy food for our soil.

Healthy soil makes healthy plants! And so the cycle of plant materials goes round.

All this recycling is part of why we can call it “Eco-gardening”.

Have you ever tried Comfrey tea or had success with making soil food then please share your experience with us