The story of St. Newlina

St Newlina

Last Friday Laura, our Eco-Education person, told the story of St Newlina, to inspire the pre-schoolers of St Newlyn East about growing food eco-logically. Read on to read the version of the story she told with them- you can probably work out where the actions and sound effects go too!!! After the story she took a group of them to count how many different tress they could find in the school hedge and met a few bugs too. They discussed how plants need air, food, water, and a home just like we do and nature is all about many different kinds of plants and creature living together- bio-diversity!

St Newlina comes to St Newlyn East

Many hundreds of years ago a young woman, called Newlina, decided to go on a great adventure. She took a coracle- a little boat made of animal skins- and she rowed away from her home in Ireland. She rowed and rowed up and over great waves of the Atlantic Ocean, through storms and high winds until she landed at last on a beach not far from here- at Holy Well Bay.

Now Newlina was thirsty after crossing the salt sea- but luckily the place was called Holy Well because of the well there. So she had a good drink of water and she took her long walking stick and she walked and walked. She came to the place where St Cubert lived and had a cup of tea.

Then she walked on and walked and walked, past the place of St Nechtan on the hill and then she walked some more. Over the high places, down into a valley, past a lake up a fine hill. There at the top she came to a place where she could see all around, to North, South, East and West and she said to herself, “Here is a good place to stay!” so she put her stick in the ground to mark the spot.

Wonder of wonder- what should happen, the stick began to grow- roots reaching down, branches growing up, leaves sprouting. Newlina’s stick became a fig tree. It was the beginning of her wonderful wild garden.

With the help of some local people she built a Cornish hedge with earth and stones- to shelter her garden from the fierce sea winds and she grew what grew naturally- wild food plants like Fat Hen and Wild carrots and apples and herbs too for medicines.

People came from all around to meet the Holy woman, Newlina in her garden where the fig tree grew. They came for food and if they were ill, Newlina gave them medicines.
So thats why we are called Newlina Eco-Gardens.


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